Considering Vaping?

Being an ex-smoker of 25 years myself I am so aware of the challenges of trying to give up smoking - So many attempts and fails its ridiculous - But, there truly is a new and better way to take control of your habit -


Im sure You've all heard of Vaping or e-cigarettes, as they are sometimes known.. Some hear good things via friends or family that have successfully switched from smoking for Vaping, alternatively from articles in the media - 

Vaping is a consumer driven industry that has not had any promotion by any Organisations for over 15 years but it refuses to go away because it works and is not run by the Tobacco companies or Big Pharma .. 


Lets not kid ourselves, Vaping IS a replacement for smoking but with 3 main, very large advantages:


1) Taking Control Over Your Nicotine Consumption - Unlike Smoking, vaping allows you to gradually reduce your nicotine levels in manageable doses rather than all at once.

2) Feeling better as you reduce and control that never ending urge to smoke and replace it with not actually wanting to smoke ever again - Quick Vape and on we go..

3) No more cigarette smell on your clothes, in your car and at home - A Vape can double up as a built in air freshener - Vapes smell amazing.


So I said 3 main things - I lied, I missed out the 2 biggest upsides to Vaping - 


1) Health Benefits - The NHS and Public Health England have both reported that Vaping is now confirmed to be up to 95% better for you in the short term. 95%!!!! (Harm Reduction at its BEST)

2) Money Saving - Smoking is expensive - Vaping is still hugely cheap that smoking after the initial cost of the Hardware.


Anybody can quit smoking with the correct advise, Harware and Liquid choice - Its a bit of a minefield for beginers so please do your reseach or go to a recommended or known Vape Store so you get the correct set up for your needs as well as assistance when you have troubles - This will help you not only quit smoking but to stay quit..

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