Moo Series - Banana Milk 100ml Short Fill by Kilo Premium
Kilo Premium

Moo Series - Banana Milk 100ml Short Fill by Kilo Premium

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Indulge in this splendid mix of delicious milk blended with ripe slices of banana with Banana Milk by Kilo Moo Series 100ml. The master taste experts at Kilo have taken their timeless milk flavor and added a yummy and dense banana twist to give us a extremely satisfying vaping experience. Both flavor profiles compliment each other perfectly, the banana's dense and cream like texture meshes perfectly with the smooth and rich texture of milk which in result gives us a vape juice that tastes amazing.

Upon inhale of Kilo Banana Milk your taste buds will be rewarded with a satisfying wave of ripe banana slices. It will flood your taste palate with its dense and sweet nature while being complimented with soft undertones of milk. During exhale is where Kilo's signature milk flavor emerges and completely takes over. It will provide a extremely satisfying end and make you reach for your mod to take another hit. 

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