(New) Iced Tea Drinks Range - 50ml Shortfill by Dinnerlady

Flavour: Peach Mint Iced Tea



Introducing 3 exciting new Iced Tea flavoured e-liquids including Peach Mint, Mango and Lemon Iced Tea. Available exculsively in Shortfill 50ml.



Dinner Lady manufacturers a variety of drinks e liquid flavours to give the widest possible choice for customers who refreshing drinks vape flavours. The refreshing, light and often fruity taste of drinks e-liquids are highly popular with customers worldwide. Our range of drinks vape juice features our launch range Iced Tea e-liquid.


Our Drinks E-Liquid Flavours
When flavour researching our Drinks e-liquid range we set out with the aim to create a brilliantly refreshing flavour with a Dinner Lady twist – we decided on our Iced Tea range and created 3 flavours packed with fruity iced tea flavour.
The Lemon Iced Tea is the classic iced tea flavour with nostalgia of warm British summers and our Lemon Iced Tea e-liquid flavour perfectly captures the sweet and sour lemon flavour with the refreshing and hint of bitterness from the iced tea.
Peach Mint provides the strong fruity flavour of peach crossed with the cooling tang of mint and finish of iced tea.
Mango Iced Tea e-liquid has a strong fruity mango taste balanced with the bitter tea and refreshing ice.


Our Drinks E-Liquid Compositions

Dinner Lady Drinks Iced Tea e-liquids are exclusively available in shortfill 50ml.

This is a 0mg Nicotine Product 

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