Swell Mod by VandyVape

Variant: Resin Rock Black


Swell Mod by Vandy Vape is specifically designed for Vandy Vape Swell Kit. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries, it is capable of firing up to 188W max output with multiple output modes. The mod adopts a waterproof PCBA, so it's no problem to clean it with water or use it under wet conditions. Under blue tooth connection, the device can be easily detected by using retrieval function on Vandyvape App. Available in 12 colors: US, UK, Obsidian Black, Red Arowana, Brown Alligator Snapper, Green Anaconda, Blue Iguana, Flame Red, Violet, Rock Black, Swamp Green, Wave Blue.

The Swell mod also contains a Bluetooth function which allows you to connect to your mod via Bluetooth to control not only the Wattage but also set the power curve easily - One additional function that may come in useful is the "Lost Vape" alarm - If you cannot locate you vape you can send a message to your mod to bleep and identify its location - Necessary? Probably not but if you are anything like me I do misplace my mod more often that I'd like !



Brand - Vandy Vape
Mod Size - 82mm*26mm*55mm
Battery Type - Dual 18650 Batteries (NOT Included)
Power Range - 5-188W
Working Voltage - 6.4-8.4V
Working Current - <50A
Output Voltage - 0.5-7.5V
Fit for - Perfect match with Vandy Vape Swell Tank

1. Dual 18650 batteries with 188W max output
2. Waterproof PCBA for durability and protection
3. Multi-functional App control: Firmware upgrade, UI theme optimization, parameter adjustment control
4. Replaceable G10, resin panels with multi-color options
5. Multiple protections for safe vaping
6. Small and light, easy to carry

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