Wake and Vape 100ml Short Fill

Flavour: Banana Split


Strawberry, Coconut & Pineapple - A soothing tropical island in an e-liquid! Wake & Vape have taken wild vine strawberries and ripe pineapple and doused them in lashings of smooth coconut milk.

Dark Fruits & Citrus - Are you ready for something dark with just the right amount of bite? Wake & Vape's blend of dark fruits and sharp lemon will keep you coming back for more...

Cactus Fruit Cooler - The taste of refreshing cactus for the adventurous vaper! Paired up with a cooling menthol and sweet fruits, you won't find another e-liquid quite like it!

Banana Split - Great bananas are hard to come by but Wake & Vape have nailed this sliced banana served up with dollops of vanilla bean ice cream and extra foamy bananas for good measure!

Orange Sorbet - There's nothing like an ice cold, citrus sorbet to keep you feeling fresh on a hot day, this sweet and sharp orange ice by Wake & Vape certainly does the trick!

Sicilian Lemonade Lolly - Sicily has the finest lemon orchards in the world so it was the perfect place to start when Wake & Vape were putting together this sharp lemonade lolly treat!

Black Mango Chiller - A dark and rich take on a traditional mango cooler e-liquid, this juicy blend of blackcurrant with everybody's favourite tropical fruit is sure to keep you chilled!

Aloe Very Berry - Say hello to complete fruity refreshment from Wake & Vape e-liquids, fresh aloe vera is blend with a juicy mix of sweet berries and given just a touch of cooling cucumber to bring it all together!

Sunrise Smoothie - Wake & Vape have done the impossible, capturing the orange glow of the morning sun in e-liquid form, this juicy blend of Californian oranges and fresh mango is the perfect vape to start your day.

Amsterdam Jam - Straight from the Amsterdam bakery, these still warm caramel wafers are filled with a thick layer of homemade strawberry jam for your vaping pleasure!


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