Wicklicious 50ml Short Fill (*including FREE Nic Shot*)

Flavour: Carrot Cream Dream


Carrot Cream Dream - A fresh and moist carrot cake coated in cream icing , this bakery treat from Wicklicious is to die for!

Hazelnut Butter Cookie - There are very few ways to improve upon delicious butter cookies but somehow Wicklicious e-liquids have managed it with a thick layer of hazelnut spread!

Blueberry Slush Chiller - Chilled and delicious, sweet blueberries are blended together into an irresistible ice cold slushy e-liquid!

Lemon Meringue Pie- A classic e-liquid flavour with a Wicklicious twist, this sweet lemon meringue pie is the king of vape puds!

Wild Berry Burst Smoothie - When wild berries are this ready to burst, it would be a sin not to bottle them up as a delicious smoothie e-liquid!

Banana Caramel Crunch - Delicious caramel is poured over a crunchy biscuit base and topped of with soft chunks of sweet banana!

Strawberry Pavlova - Light and sweet, this fruity pudding is perfectly delicious thanks to its generous helping of strawberries on top of the meringue!

Custard Dream - It doesn't matter what pudding we're tucking into, we dream of creamy smooth vanilla custard to go alongside it...

Arctic Grape - The juicy taste of dark grapes is loved all over and when it's chilled with a cool dose of menthol, well that's Wicklicious!

Skiwi Smoothie - Wicklicious have taken a straight up sun kissed kiwi and transformed it into a delicious smoothie e-liquid, simple fruits can sometimes be the best...

Glazed Blueberry Doughnut Bakery - Not just any doughnut would do for the Wicklicious bakery range, this beautiful example is glazed to perfection and is stuffed full of sweet blueberry jam...


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