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Wotofo introduced the vape carrying case for carrying the mods and additional tools in a safe and convenient way. Proper storage of vape mods and tool kits contribute to the longevity of the items. The simplistic case design allows the atomizer and the tools to remain in their places accordingly.

Vape Case

Wotofo Vape Carry Case is specifically designed for safe and convenient storage and transportation of various vaping tools and kits. Wotofo Vape Carry Case has a simplistic design with a vivid "WOTOFO" emblem stitched onto the right corner of the case and a sturdy green WOTOFO emblem pull tab linked to the zipper to make unzipping easy. The Wotofo Carry Case opens wide displaying two sides, one with netting and the other with elastic straps to organize your vape gear as you see fit. It is 17cm x 12cm x 6cm  (6.5-inch x 4.5-inch x 2.7-inch), which makes this carry case large enough to carry your mod, multiple bottles of e-juice, atomizers, extra batteries, or any other accessories.


Vape Carrying Case

Wotofo Vape Carry Case

Wotofo Vape Carrying Case: Organize The Mods And Tools Perfectly

Vapers often have an emotional connection with their vaping device. Thus, vapers want to keep their mod safe. Most of the mod cases on the market do not have space within them to keep additional tools. This Wotofo vape mod carrying case allows the vapers to carry their toolkit along with their favorite device.

The creative case design keeps the mod and tools organized. Durable materials offer longevity to this case. The reinforced stitching adds to the strength of the vape gear bag, Furthermore, the bright “WOTOFO” emblem stitched into the right corner offers a distinct look. It Includes an easy to use green zipper for opening and closing the two-sided bag.

The Wotofo vape case for box mods protects the device against all scratches or impact. You are also less likely to lose your device if you’re carrying a vape gear bag. The stylish modern design doesn’t resemble an ordinary vape carry case. This makes it a perfect travel accessory for the vaper who’s on the go.

Many vapers find mods complicated. It needs different accessories for coil and liquid changing. Vapers may forget to carry the tools when kept separately. Keeping the tools and device together minimizes the chance of not carrying either of these

The beautifully designed bag makes for a good gifting option to vapers.

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