Thinking About Making The Switch to Vaping?

If you are currently a smoker, at some point you would have thought about the idea of switching from Smoking to Vaping but as with most people you are still unsure what to do for the best - Its something we come face to face with on a daily basis in our shops - 

There is still an unfortunate amount of confusion over what is the right thing to do - With all the negative articles we have all read for years about how bad vaping is, Popcorn Lung, Worse than smoking etc - Please, please make sure you read any article you see regarding Vaping all the way through to make sure you get down to the facts of what is being said rather than just skim the top 2 paragraphs as the people that write these articles rely on the fact that 80% of people will only read the headline/first sentence and make their decision, 10% of people will read the top 2 paragraphs and only 10% of people actually read the article to the bottom and look for proof of what is being stated -

The 10% that actually read an entire article will get to the bottom realising that actually what the research they relate to is nothing like what the opening statements say... These people are more likely to esquire about switching - 

In all honesty the best people to ask are the ones that have made the switch, I implore you, please listen to these people - They are not gloating, they are not blinkered, they actually have researched, listened and opened their minds past the Smear stories mainly designed to keep you smoking and are usually funded research by either Big Tobacco companies or Big Pharmaceutical companies as both these as well as governments are the ones who are losing billions of euros a year as people, one by one switch to Vaping as a safer alternative - 

Vaping is not the Healthy Option - This we agree - Smoking or Vaping nothing is healthy option but for many of us we just dont want to give it up completely - We enjoy it - But and its a big BUT, we know smoking is killing us - Its a fact - #

Vaping is now 100% proved, documented and adopted by health departments globally as being 95% better for you than smoking - 95% is HUGE!

Not only that, people that Vape to help get away from traditional tobacco products are known to be 80% more likely to give up tobacco for good than with traditional stop smoking options

The biggest problem with switching is knowledge - A Vape (Or e-cigarette) is not a one size fits all products, also they take a bit of knowledge to ensure they work well for the task you use it for - Quiting smoking!

As all people are different it will depend on the kind of smoker you are as to what device is best suited to you, as well as liquid, there are many different types of e-liquid and knowing the difference is a huge challenge - 

That is why The Vape Store - Malta was created - We do things slightly different to others - Our teams are highly trained and highly knowledgeable on all things vaping and pull on our 3 years experience in dealing with customers looking to switch - We take our time with new customers, give them up to date facts regarding products, laws and advise on what product best suits their needs.. But we dont stop there - We provide a free back up and support service to ensure that when things get tricky everybody has somebody to go to for advise and support - It doesn't matter whether its a technical problem with your device or just clarification that they are doing things right - Fallen off the wagon> Its not over - Its just begun - We all relapse occasionally but the key is to jump back on and dont give up - 

If you know ANYBODY who is struggling with mis-information regarding Vaping - Educate them or recommend they come speak to us - We dont push people to switch, we give information and knowledge - Its up to them whether they want to change their lives forever or to just keep chugging along as always - 

Be Brave, do your reseach, speak to the professionals - You will not be dispointed we garentee you