Shortfill Eliquid Guide

Premixed 10ml vs Shortfill eliquid

Since we have been getting lots of questions regarding shortfills vs 10mls, we thought it would be helpful to outline the pros and cons of premixed 10ml's and shortfill eliquids. 

We hope the guide below will help users who are new to the world of shortfill eliquids, make more of an informed decision.

  10ml - Premixed with nicotine  Shortfill - with Nicotine shot
Legal Yes Yes  (0mg / 0% Nicotine)
Product Regulation Heavy Little to None
Toxicology Tested Yes No
New Products to market Slow Quick
Steeping Yes Only Flavouring
Letter Boxed Sized Packaging Yes No, Standard Parcels
Choice of nicotine strengths  1mg to 20mg Very Limited usually only 3mg / 0.3%
Undesirables (e.g. Diacetyl , Acetyl Propionyl) No Unlikely, with established brands.
Bottle size choices 10ml maximum Any size
Ready to vape Yes Add nicotine manually or vape in 0mg.

How to mix Shortfill Eliquids

If you're new to short fill eliquids, simple take 50ml of zero nicotine eliquid and add the full 10ml (18mg/1.8%) nicotine shot.
You get 60ml of 3mg eliquid.

The same applies for a 100ml shortfill apart from it will require 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to achieve a 3mg overall