Cookie Dough 200ml Short Fill by Joe's Juice (Inc Free Nic Shots)



E-Liquid Cookie Dough 200ml Joe's Juice

The Cookie Dough Joe's Juice e-liquid transcribes the famous crispy dough and divine chocolate chips ... Still hot, the Joe's Juice cookie is terribly generous! The English manufacturer has been able to restore the delicacy specific to the cookie while maintaining the perfect balance between the various flavors. The Cookie Dough liquid is an exquisite all-day for gourmet juice-loving vapers.

Large format without nicotine

In order to respect the laws in force, this e-liquid does not contain nicotine. However, you can add a   nicotine booster to get the desired dosage.

  • 1.5mg / ml of nicotine: 200ml of e-liquid + 2 Boosters at 18 / mg / ml
  • 3mg / ml of nicotine: 200ml of e-liquid + 4 Boosters at 18 / mg / ml


  • 70% VG / 30% PG
  • Food and natural flavors
  • 200ml in 240ml Bottle
  • Nicotine once Nic Shots added ( Max 3mg - 240ml

(4 X 18mg Nic Shot incl)



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