WiiPod Replaceable POD for the Wiip POD Kit by Vape Technology

Variant: Mint
Nicotine Strength: 10mg


Product description

Your Wiip device is not complete without your  WiiPods.

Pair your device with desired flavoured WiiPod and away you go - That Simple. 6 WiiPod flavours are carefully chosen by high quality testing and market research so with Wiip device & WiiPods, you can forget about cigarettes that cause bad breath, coughs, sore throats and generally hinder your health and well-being.

If you are planning to quit smoking and don't want to leave the tobacco experience behind you, Wiip have prepared two tobacco flavours - Tobacco and USA Mix For something a bit sweeter and fresher Wiip have developed three fresh fruit pods - the exotic taste of fresh strawberry, tropical fruit and one with the fresh sweet notes of mango. For the summer flavours fans, we have prepared the coolest mint aroma.

We recommend using your WiiPod within seven days of opening.

Technical specifications

  • For single use only
  • Capacity: 1.6 ml
  • Puffs per WiiPod (expected): 300-400
  • Item weight: 4.5 g
  • Product dimensions: 20 x 44 x 11 mm
  • EAN: 3857974825828

Flavour Descriptions

Grape Feel sensational with the fantastic taste of grapes that provides a real sensation for your senses

Mango - Prominent sweet mango note witch which you will experience the depth our flavours.

Mint - Enjoy in the very best organic and juicy mint vape flavour.

Strawberry - Feel free with the summer taste of strawberry through the whole year.

Tropical Fruit - Bombastic mix of wild and tropical fruit flavours. Real refreshment for every season.

USA Mix Tobacco - The breathtaking standard American tobacco mix flavour.

Virgina Tobacco - Superior taste of the most quality tobacco available in a Pod.


WiiPod Replacements come in single packs of 1xPOD

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